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News Netrics presents performance metrics for U.S daily newspapers websites. Every month we run Google’s PageSpeed Insights (PSI) mobile tests on three articles per paper, then average the results, for each publication and for all the publications.

The mean of the PSI scores (2020-09) for U.S. dailies was 23.3.

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News Netrics categorizes publications by region (city, county, state), owner, and CMS (if known).

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Pie chart of newspaper ownership 2020-03

Most owners (62%) have just one daily newspaper (85% have 1–2). But most papers are run by a large publishing group: 14 owners, with >20 each, own 59% of U.S. dailies. And 6 owners (45+ each) control 40%.


Pie chart of newspaper CMS 2020-03

BLOX is the most-used CMS (31%), with WordPress (16%) second and NewsCycle (14%) third. Arc papers have the best average Performance Score of the major CMSs, followed by Drupal, then BLOX.


Newspaper front pages

Get detailed Pagespeed results for nearly all U.S. dailies, for individual papers, for Owner Groups and by CMS, or all together in a large sortable table.


Map of USA newspaper locations

Most U.S. counties (68%) have no daily newspaper. But most U.S. residents (72%) live in a county with one. See detailed circulation and population data for States, Counties and Cities. Or view them all in our USA Map.